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Unirox AeRoad Pro: ChooseMyBicycle Expert Review

Price: 62,999
Road Bicycle Road Bicycle
Unirox AeRoad Pro Review


Technical Specifications

Unirox AeRoad Pro: ChooseMyBicycle Expert Review

Unirox AeRoad Pro Review

UNIROX, a subsidiary of the United Group, was created in 1964. Unirox Bikes are an economical way to enjoy the thrills of high-performance Cycling. German innovation and manufacturing competence have been their strengths. We go the opportunity to test ride the Unirox AeRoad Pro road bicycle and here is what we thought.

Weight: 11.4 kgs

Usage: Fitness/Long Distance

Unirox AeRoad Pro: ChooseMyBicycle Expert Review The Unirox AeRoad Pro is a lightweight and comfortable to ride performace focused Road Bicycle.
Overall Product
Value for Money

Things We Like

  • Lightweight Alloy frame with a Carbon fork
  • Impressive Shimano Sora 18-Speed drivetrain
  • Powerful Disc brakes

Things We Don't Like

  • Might need a tire upgrade for wet roads
Unirox AeRoad Pro Frame

The Unirox AeRoad Pro has been made using Aluminium Alloy, which is perfect to achieve an excellent speed-to-comfort ratio. The design of the tube ensures supreme performance on all kinds of terrain – tested on cobblestones and flat tarmacs, and the performance across all road surfaces was impeccable. This welding technology used on the frame of this bicycle adds to its lightweight.

This Bicycle comes equipped with a full carbon fork. This lightweight fork absorbs shocks felt from riding on cobblestones, and/or bumpy, rough terrain efficiently.

Unirox AeRoad Pro Frame A comfortable riding position with the right amount of aggression for acceleration
Unirox AeRoad Pro Design

This is a well-designed bicycle, the smooth welding on the frame joints adds to the overall aesthetics of this Bicycle. The bicycle we test rode came in a primary colour Black with Grey as the secondary colour. The branding on the frame of this Bicycle is significant while not being overpowering. The thin tubes amade the bicycle look sleek and lightweight.

Unirox AeRoad Pro Design The Unirox Aeroad Pro comes in 2 colour variants; Black and Red
Unirox AeRoad Pro Gearing

This Unirox AeRoad Pro comes equipped with Shimano Sora front and rear derailleurs. This 18-Speed Bicycle is fast when on the road, tackling climbs and flat roads with ease. The shifting was lag-free with the Sora derailleurs. The 18-Speed shifting is controlled by Shimano Sora single lever paddle Shifters which require minimal effort to shift.

Unirox AeRoad Pro Gearing Smooth shifting and impressive Shimano Sora 2x9-Speed drivetrain
Unirox AeRoad Pro Brakes and Steering

The Unirox AeRoad Pro comes equipped with Deca Disc brakes. When tested, both interval and abrupt braking was sufficient while remaining stable and in control. The braking was as effective on both dry and wet terrain on the test ride.

This Bicycle comes equipped with a stock Alloy handlebar. The compact shape of the handlebar enables the rider to place their hands on the drop bar without being in an overly aggressive, strained riding position.

Unirox AeRoad Pro Brakes and Steering Controlled and balanced Disc brakes
Unirox AeRoad Pro Wheels and Saddle

The Unirox AeRoad Pro comes equipped with fast rolling and sleek CST 700x25C tires which are attached to stock Alloy Double walled rims. The tires offered a smooth and fast ride. Cornering felt stable, allowing for crisp sharp turns while being stable.

This Bicycle comes equipped with an ergonomic road specific stock saddle. The saddle offered a level of support and cushioning that is well suited to a rider on faster, short-distance and long rides.

Unirox AeRoad Pro Wheels and Saddle Sleek and fast rolling CST 700x25C slick road tires

This Road Bicycle has a Endurance focused frame geometry which is an all-rounder in terms of performance. This lightweight Bicycle along with the 18-Speed Shimano Sora drivetrain and powerful Disc brakes make it both fast and safe to ride. The alloy rims and the sleek tires contribute to better grip and speed on tarmacs. The Unrox AeRoad Pro is priced at Rs.69,999(as on 7th March 2023).

Prices and Specifications/Components are subject to change by the brand, without due notice.

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