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Triad X1: ChooseMyBicycle.com Expert Review

Price: 12,066
Hybrid Bicycle Hybrid Bicycle
Triad X1 Review


Technical Specifications

Triad X1: ChooseMyBicycle.com Expert Review

Triad X1 Review

With an Aim to reimagine the way bicycles are engineered and designed, Triad has a range of bicycles that place an emphasis on form, function and design. With the belief that every product made will influence and shape consumers in various ways, the brand has a wide range of bicycles on offer catering to a wide demand. We got to check out the Triad X1, read on for our thoughts.

Weight: 13 kgs

Category: Fitness/ Commute

Triad X1: ChooseMyBicycle.com Expert Review A Single-Speed Hybrid Bicycle that is ideal for recreational rides and commutes.
Overall Product
Value for Money

Things We Like

  • Lightweight
  • Powerful Braking
  • Well Designed

Things We Don't Like

  • Available in a single sizing option
Triad X1 Frame

The Triad X1 is built on a Steel frame. Though traditionally considered bulky and heavy, the TIG welding tech combined with smooth welds and tapering tubes make this bicycle remarkably lightweight, while being strong. The ergonomically designed frame ensures the perfect blend of comfort and efficient performance on a frame that is not aggressive. The frame has a bracket mounted side kickstand attached to it. It also has the provision to mount a water bottle cage.

This bicycle has a Steel rigid fork that is easy to maintain. The slightly curved design of the fork offers ideal shock absorption for urban riding conditions. This bicycle is available in an 18” frame size and can be ridden by riders upto 6ft 1in.

Triad X1 Frame A lightweight Steel frame that is sturdy and durable
Triad X1 Design

The Triad X1 is sleek and classy personified. The minimalistic approach implemented by the design team in terms of clean, sleek and bright graphics on a matte frame really makes the bicycle stand out. Additionally minimal branding, smooth welds, tapered tubing and high quality paint work enhance the overall aesthetics of the bicycle. This bicycle is available in a single colour option – Matte Black with Orange graphics.

Triad X1 Design Designed to make heads turn
Triad X1 Gearing

The Triad X1 comes equipped with a Single-Speed drivetrain and 44T crankset which ensures a smooth, hassle-free ride. A Single-Speed bicycle is straight-forward in terms of usage and can be used for intra-city commutes and recreational rides. Handling climbs, like flyovers, hills etc. on a Single-Speed bicycle could require some additional power, especially if you are a beginner just getting used to cycling.

Triad X1 Gearing A no-fuss Single-Speed bicycle, designed for hassle-free riding
Triad X1 Brakes and Steering

The Triad X1 comes equipped with Alloy V-brakes from Power. When on the test ride, I found the braking to be super responsive, bringing the bicycle to a complete stop. The braking felt safe and stable, with strong stopping power that is more than adequate for urban riding conditions. The sturdy brake levers were easy to operate and guarantee safe and efficient braking. Additionally, they require only two to three fingers to use. No room for complaints, here.

This bicycle comes equipped with a 620mm wide handlebar . The width of the handlebar ensures an ‘open-chested’ relaxed riding position. Additionally, the width of the handlebar offers superior control and maneuverability of the bicycle, ensuring top-notch handling, especially in crowded riding conditions. The ergonomically designed comfort bar grips have cushioning and offer palm support. The bar grips are comfortable for recreational usage and medium-distance commutes. Longer rides could require additional cushioning for more comfort.

Triad X1 Brakes and Steering Sturdy braking from Power
Triad X1 Wheels and Saddle

The Triad X1 comes equipped with 700x35C Hybrid tires from Wanda, that are attached to double walled Alloy rims. These wheels are fast rolling and offer great momentum while on the road. Cornering felt stable and balanced, this is largely due to the grip offered by the light tread pattern on these super sleek wheels. The Quick Release option on the wheels makes removing the wheels simple and quick.

This bicycles comes equipped with a PU Foam Cushioned Saddle. The saddle is slightly broader and longer than what we are used to. While the width of the saddle accomodates the sit bones fairly well, the length of it could take some getting used to. This bicycle has a quick release option on the seatpost which makes adjusting the saddle height easy while on the go, not requiring any additional tools.

Triad X1 Wheels and Saddle Fast Rolling, mildly-treaded, sleek Hybrid wheels

The Triad X1 is a value for money, Single-Speed Hybrid bicycle that is ideal for those looking for a bicycle for recreation rides, regular commutes or just to keep healthy and fit while enjoying the outdoors! This bicycle is priced at Rs, 14,195 (as on 23rd October 2019).

Prices and Specifications/Components are subject to change by the brand, without due notice.

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