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Merida Big Nine 20-3X (2022): ChooseMyBicycle Expert Review

Price: 54,990
Mountain Bike Mountain Bike
Merida Big Nine 20-3X 2022 Review


Technical Specifications

Merida Big Nine 20-3X (2022): ChooseMyBicycle Expert Review

Merida Big Nine 20-3X 2022 Review

Merida’s 2022 range of MTBs where the earliest to hit the Indian market. The Big series are performance focused race ready MTBs which come in both 27.5 inch and 29 inch models. We got the opportunity to test ride the Merida Big Nine 20-3X (2022) and here is what we thought.

Weight: 15.3kgs

Type: Trail/Fitness

Merida Big Nine 20-3X (2022): ChooseMyBicycle Expert Review The Merida Big Nine 20-3X is the perfect mid-level MTB built for moderate trails and the roughest of urban roads.
Overall Product
Value for Money

Things We Like

  • Smooth 100mm front suspension travel with hydraulic lock out
  • Seamless 24-Speed Tourney/Acera gear shifting
  • Powerful Power Hydraulic Disc brakes

Things We Don't Like

  • Shimano Altus in the front instead of Tourney would have been ideal at this price
Merida Big Nine 20-3X 2022 Frame

The Merida Big Nine 20 3X (2022) is built on an aggressive and strong Alloy frame. This frame has a slanting top tube which makes the stand over height larger than most standard hardtail MTBs. This helps the Bicycle climb and roll over harsh trails without the frame taking a hit at the bottom bracket area. The top tube and bottom tube are fused together at the top near the headset, this makes the frame stronger in that area which might usually experiences a lot of vibration of the surface when ridden on trails.

The Suntour XCT30 front suspension fork came with a massive 100mm travel which made sure the bumps on trails were rolled over without any difficulty. The suspension lockout was easy to use and helped with riding faster on flatter surfaces.

Merida Big Nine 20-3X 2022 Frame The strong Alloy frame comes in 4 different frame sizes
Merida Big Nine 20-3X 2022 Design

The Bicycle which I test rode came in a Fall Green primary colour with Black as the secondary colour for graphics in a matte paint shade. The spiral pattern on the edges of the top tube, along with the sleek lines gives a refreshing new outlook to the frame graphics. The colour coded graphics on the suspension fork, rims and saddle make the Bicycle look uniform in design. The bulky treads on the tires add to the much needed rugged look of this MTB.

Merida Big Nine 20-3X 2022 Design The Merida Big Nine 20 3X (2022) comes in 2 colour variants; Fall Green with Black, Teal Blue with Lime
Merida Big Nine 20-3X 2022 Gearing

The Big Nine 20-3X is equipped with Shimano Tourney at the front and Acera at the rear as derailleurs. This mid-level Shimano derailleur combo comes with a 3x8-Speed range. The 24-Speed drivetrain gave that extra bit of speed for the rider and also enough range for steep climbs. The 24-Speed trigger shifters were easy sleek in design and easy to operate. Whilst the Bicycle we reviewed had Shimano shifters, going forward until further notice, Merida MTB’s will come with Microshift shifters.

Merida Big Nine 20-3X 2022 Gearing The Shimano Tourney/Acera 24-Speed gear combination worked well during the test ride
Merida Big Nine 20-3X 2022 Brakes and Steering

The Big Nine 20-3X (2022) comes with Hydraulic Disc brakes. The Power branded Hydraulic Disc brakes was powerful and balanced during the test ride. These brakes are powerful and make this Bicycle capable of handling the wettest and roughest of trails.

The Merida CC 690mm handlebar was wide and comfortable to hold on to. A fully flat handlebar would have made the riding posture aggressive, aligning with the aggressive frame geometry. The slight raise now made the posture comfortable.

Merida Big Nine 20-3X 2022 Brakes and Steering The Power Hydraulic Disc brakes were powerful and safe to use on rough trails
Merida Big Nine 20-3X 2022 Wheels and Saddle

The Merida Big Nine 20-3X rolls on a pair of Merida K1080 29” x 2.2” tires. These tires were treaded heavily and perfectly suited for the rough and wet trails. High speed turns and jamming of the brakes were transformed well into a balanced reaction.

The Merida Sport Comfort Stock saddle was shaped ergonomically with the perfect length and width. The grip patches on the widest part of the Saddle on both sides were useful and made it non-slippery. The overall ride quality was fast and comfortable on trails.

Merida Big Nine 20-3X 2022 Wheels and Saddle The 29” x 2.2” MTB tires can handle the roughest of trails with ease

This is a Hardtail MTB with a strong yet lightweight Alloy frame. The 24-Speed Shimano Tourney/Acera drivetrain along with Power Hydraulic Disc brakes made it fast and safe to ride. The 29” x 2.2” tires were heavily treaded for tackling the roughest of trails and the suspension lockout helped ride faster on flatter surfaces. Priced at Rs.54,990(as on 18th November 2022), the Merida Big Nine 20 3X (2022) is an ideal choice for anyone looking to buy an MTB for riding on moderate trails and rough urban roads.

Prices and Specifications/Components are subject to change by the brand, without due notice.

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