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Dahon Mariner D8 (2018): ChooseMyBicycle.com Expert Review

Price: 43,000
Vishnu Sharma
Vishnu Sharma Bicycle Expert

Introducing Vishnu, our dedicated Cycling Enthusiast with a long journey of riding and crafting expert bicycle reviews exclusively for ChooseMyBicycle. With an avid passion for Cycling and an unwavering commitment to staying at the forefront of Bicycle Technology, Vishnu's insightful reviews are your trusted companion in making informed choices for your next ride.

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Dahon Mariner D8 (2018) Review


Technical Specifications

Dahon Mariner D8 (2018): ChooseMyBicycle.com Expert Review

Dahon Mariner D8 (2018) Review

Dahon is an American bicycle brand known for making foldable bicycles. Folding bicycles have always had a market of its own amongst the eco-friendly and trend setting commuters. The Mariner D8 was originally made for people on boat trips to make land fall journeys easier and more entertaining. But not restricted just to that, this bicycle has become popular among all commuters. We got the opportunity to test ride this bicycle and here is what we thought.

Dahon Mariner D8 (2018): ChooseMyBicycle.com Expert Review A well-built and versatile folding bicycle which rides smoothly and is best suited for city commuting.
Overall Product
Value for Money

Things We Like

  • Easy and quick folding system
  • Aesthetic design with a rust resistant paint job
  • Adjustable handlebar height

Things We Don't Like

  • Quite heavy to carry around for long
Dahon Mariner D8 (2018) Frame, Fit and Comfort

The frame of the Dahon Mariner D8 is constructed utilizing 7005 lightweight aluminum, this are far more lightweight than the ones with steel frame. The build quality of the Mariner D8 is top notch, especially the frame. Due to the brushed aluminium finish, you can easily see the welds which are of a very high standard. Even if you are on the heavier side, this folding bike will likely be able to hold your weight. It has got a max rider weight of 105kg. This bicycle is pretty small when folded down and can easily be stowed under the office desk, in a small cupboard and even in your car boot. The folded size measures to 65cm x 32cm x 79cm and weighs 11.8 kgs.

Dahon Mariner D8 (2018) Frame, Fit and Comfort The aluminium frame is strong and has an easy folding mechanism
Dahon Mariner D8 (2018) Design

The Mariner D8 comes in only one colour variant in India, that’s the brushed aluminium finish. It has a rust resistant coating unique to the rest of the Dahon range and a clear coating on top of that to further protect the frame. With its neatly welded tubes this bicycle is a definite head turner. The pannier rack with ropes attached is a great addition for touring purposes.

Dahon Mariner D8 (2018) Design The pannier rack with ropes attached is a great addition for touring purposes
Dahon Mariner D8 (2018) Gearing

The Mariner D8 is equipped with an 8-Speed Shimano Altus rear derailleur. The 1x8 Speed drivetrain was perfectly suited for those short commutes. While the gears had enough depth for climbing flyovers, there wasn’t enough juice for those quick accelerations. The 8-Speed shifter on the right handlebar grip was easy to use and at a comfortable hand position.

Dahon Mariner D8 (2018) Gearing The Shimano Altus 8-Speed derailleurs were perfect for commuting
Dahon Mariner D8 (2018) Brakes and Steering

The Winzip aluminum V-Brakes at the front and rear provided enough stopping power when riding amidst traffic in the city. There were no drags and the sudden braking felt safe. The brake levers were lengthy enough and also had a smooth spring action to engage the brakes.

The riding position on the Mariner D8 is relaxed and that is mainly because of its impressive fully adjustable handlebar. The handlebar grips had enough cushioning to keep the palms comfortable while riding.

Dahon Mariner D8 (2018) Brakes and Steering The Winzip V-Brakes were balanced and safe to use
Dahon Mariner D8 (2018) Tires

This folding bicycle rolls on a pair of Schwalbe Citizen 20” x 1.6”. These are nearly slick tires with an uninterrupted solid band run around the centre line. These neat treads provide good traction on both dry and wet conditions.

The stock saddle from Dahon wasn’t ergonomically designed but had enough cushioning to keep the rider sore free on commutes even on bumpier roads. The overall ride quality was comfortable and smooth on city roads.

Dahon Mariner D8 (2018) Tires The Schwalbe 20” tires were a perfect blend of speed and traction
The Dahon Mariner D8 Folding bicycle is convenient and ideal for quick tasks all-around town. This bicycle is a high value investment you can whole-heartedly put into. The quality, workmanship, performance and design of this bicycle are absolutely outstanding. It is a versatile bicycle at this price range and I would totally recommend it if you are looking for a folding bicycle for commuting.

Prices are subject to change by the brand, without due notice.

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