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  • Cosmic Entourer 26 (2016) : Expert Review

  • 7 DECEMBER 2016
Entourer 29 (2016)
₹ 19490

The Entourer is a versatile 29" MTB machine ready for the big trails with an affordable price tag

Cosmic are one of the few Indian brands which manufacture performance focused MTBŠ—Ès. CosmicŠ—Ès strength have always been their MTB range. Their vast variety of cycles in that range have made sure there is a MTB for all kinds of riders with different budget options. A 29Š—ÈŠ—È is the highest level of hardtail MTBŠ—Ès and we got the opportunity to test ride the Entourer 29 2016 from Cosmic and here is what we thought.


Model:ξEntourer 29


Year: 2016

Price: INR 19,490

Bicycle Courtesy: Just Buy Cycles, Chennai

Frame, Fit and Comfort

Alloy frames have become the minimum benchmark for MTBŠ—Ès and Cosmic have also followed the same with an aluminium frame for the Entourer 29 2016. A 29Š—ÈŠ—È hardtail MTB is always touted to be heavier than its 26Š—ÈŠ—È and 27.5Š—ÈŠ—È counterparts which makes it challenging for manufacturers to build the frame at a competitive weight. Cosmic have done a commendable work with the usage of alloy exactly where it is necessary with extra reinforcements at the front and under the saddle, places which get maximum impact of the trails. During the test ride the frame geometry proved to be critical in maintaining an aggressive body position with perfect control over rugged terrains.

A 29Š—ÈŠ—È hardtail MTB like the Cosmic Entourer needs maximum support from the front suspension pistons in order to move over trails easily. During the test ride the front suspension was put to test through various level of drops and the travel seemed to function up to 70mm smoothly which is commendable for a hardtail MTB at this price.


It is important for budget bicycles to look more like an expensive bicycle in order for them to look attractive to the rider. Most of CosmicŠ—Ès MTB range has been budget bicycles and they have done well to design them in the best way possible. Same is the case with the Cosmic Entourer 29 2016 which we test ride. The bicycle looked as good as other bicycles which costs twice as much as the Entourer. The bicycle which we test ride came in a full black primary colour with green and white patterns in many places on the frame. The square shaped top tube makes the frame look sharp and aesthetic.


Even though it is a 29Š—ÈŠ—È hardtail MTB, due to the price of the Entourer, Cosmic have gone with entry level MTB gearing components. Shimano Altus at the rear and Tourney at the front as derailleurs power the Entourer. During the test ride the gearing felt sufficient for moderate flat trails. I experienced lag in gear shifts at the front derailleur a few times during the test ride. The bigger chain rings at the front took a few pedals for the chains to fall in place. The Shimano EF51 shifters felt comfortable to use and were in easy reach from the handlebar grips. The shifters felt little nosier than usual but did not affect the shifting performance.

Brakes and Steering

The stopping power on the Entourer 29 2016 was taken care of by a pair of Zoom mechanical disc brakes at both the front and back. At this price, mechanical disc brakes are what is expected on this hardtail MTB. The brakes worked with balance when used together during the test ride but only when interval braking method was used. Jamming the brakes will not give out optimum results as the sudden pressure in the rotors make the tires skid a bit. The Shimano EF51 brake levers curved out little more than usual making it difficult to grab on to. The length of the brake levers were also a tad bit shorter.

The alloy handlebar on the Cosmic Entourer 29 had a slight curve to it making the ride position slightly more straight back. But since this hardtail MTB is a taller 29Š—ÈŠ—È bicycle, a more straightened handlebar with lesser or no raise would have given the aggressive control which the trails will demand.

Ride Quality

The wheelset are the differentiating factor in the Entourer 29Š—ÈŠ—È 2016. The 29Š—ÈŠ—È x 2.10Š—ÈŠ—È massive tires are supported by the stock alloy rims. The tires climbed over rugged trails and sidewalks with ease during the test ride. The wheelset even though a 29Š—ÈŠ—È wasnŠ—Èt on the heavier side, making the bicycle roll faster. The treads were big and evenly spaced throughout the tires with neat shapes on the sides as well to avoid skidding on wet conditions. The saddle on the Entourer 29Š—ÈŠ—È was the same as found on any basic entry level MTBŠ—Ès. There was enough cushioning to take out saddle soreness but there was no ergonomic shape to it and will become uncomfortable on longer and challenging trails. The overall ride quality was fast and felt in control when ridden on flat trails.

Overall Rating
Value for Money
  • Aggressive frame geometry
  • Aesthetic design and graphics
  • Fast rolling wheels
  • Lag in front derailleur
  • Uncomfortable saddle

The Entourer is an aggressive and fast MTB which with its 29Š—ÈŠ—È wheels gives the experience of riding a performance packed hardtail. The ride through challenging trails is balanced and this bicycle can get up to speed swiftly without much difficulty. This bicycle with its large wheel base is easily the most value for money hardtail 29Š—ÈŠ—È MTB in the market currently. If you are someone looking to buy an MTB to tackle those rugged terrains but have a tight budget, the Cosmic Entourer 29Š—ÈŠ—È 2016 should be a top choice to consider.


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