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Cannondale Quick 5 Women (2016) : ChooseMyBicycle.com Expert Review

Price: 45,000
Hybrid Bicycle Hybrid Bicycle
Cannondale Quick 5 Women (2016) Review


Technical Specifications

Cannondale Quick 5 Women (2016) : ChooseMyBicycle.com Expert Review

Cannondale Quick 5 Women (2016) Review

The "Quick" series by Cannondale USA is aimed at creating stylish bicycles that are impressively fast on the road. The Cannondale Quick 5 Women (2016), is one such cycle that has been designed keeping in mind the exact requirements for us women riders. Here is what I thought about the 2016 model of this bicycle.

Cannondale Quick 5 Women (2016) : ChooseMyBicycle.com Expert Review Comfort, speed and style, on two wheels. The complete all-rounder hybrid cycle for Women.
Overall Product
Value for Money

Things We Like

  • Wide handlebar grips
  • Supremely comfortable riding position
  • S.A.V.E. micro suspension

Things We Don't Like

  • Could have a superior drivetrain and gear system, for it's price range.
Cannondale Quick 5 Women (2016) Frame, Fit and Comfort

The Cannondale Quick 5 Women is a bicycle aimed at speed and agility. It's lightweight frame made of 'Quick' butted 6061 alloy and Cannondale's Micro suspension technology S.A.V.E, exemplifies this. The geometry of the frame is well-suited for women riders with a slightly slopped top-tube, making it easy to mount and dismount. The frame's geometry makes for a relatively upright riding position. I had good control of the handle bar while on the saddle during the test ride.

The S.A.V.E micro suspension is engineered to reduce shocks and vibration, it uses engineered flex in the fork and the frame to do so. The shock and vibration is absorbed by the frame and thus ensures a smoother and more comfortable ride.

Cannondale Quick 5 Women (2016) Frame, Fit and Comfort Well-suited for Women Riders
Cannondale Quick 5 Women (2016) Design

Cannondale is known for its eye-catchy bicycles. The Quick 5 Women doesn't disappoint in this aspect. It is sure to turn heads, and even make people double-back to check it out. The bicycle has a well-designed, good looking matte finish frame that has the fluorescent green teal colour on it.

Cannondale Quick 5 Women (2016) Design Well-designed good looking matte finish
Cannondale Quick 5 Women (2016) Gearing

The Quick 5 Women's is equipped with Shimano Atlus front and rear derailleurs controlled by Shimano ST-EF51, EZ- Fire plus (9*3); shifters. For its price and 'Quick' frame, the bicycle could have been equipped with a superior drivetrain.

When tested, I found the shifting flawless and fast. It will work wonderfully on medium to long rides. However, with the fast frame and the agility of the bicycle, having that 'little extra' may be missed when on free, open roads where you can do with more speed.

Cannondale Quick 5 Women (2016) Gearing Flawless and fast shifting
Cannondale Quick 5 Women (2016) Brakes and Steering

The Quick 5 is equipped with Cannondale's C4, V-brakes. The braking on this bicycle was spot-on and very responsive. The braking feedback was perfect for in-city rides as well as on longer rides. The responsiveness of the brakes ensures that it will work well on wet and slippery surfaces as well.

One major plus of this bicycle is the Cannondale C4 6061 Alloy handlebar. It's wide grips and comfortable position made the ride superior in terms of comfort and control while riding. This ensures agility while on the road.

Cannondale Quick 5 Women (2016) Brakes and Steering Spot-on and Responsive Braking
Cannondale Quick 5 Women (2016) Ride Quality

The Cannondale Quick 5 Women comes equipped with 700*30c Schwalbe Spicer, 26'tires. The Schwalbe Spicer tires come with level 3 K- guard tech, which is a puncture protection technology. This makes it a good set to have on for fast-rolling, city rides.

The components of this hybrid bicycle coupled with the S.A.V.E micro suspension, makes this hybrid an all-round bicycle that you can use to tackle all kinds of terrain, with complete ease. The comfort and control experienced while on the saddle is unparalleled.

Cannondale Quick 5 Women (2016) Ride Quality All-round bicycle to tacke all types of terrain

If speedy medium to long rides are your cup of tea and comfort is of top priority, look no further, The Cannondale Quick 5 Women (2016) priced at Rs.45,000 is your answer. This hybrid is the perfect combination of speed and comfort and will definitely keep you glued to the saddle, itching to get back on each time.

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