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Eurobike 2019

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Eurobike 2019

EUROBIKE is one of the leading global trade shows for the Bicycle business. Eurobike 2019 was held in Friedrichshafen, Germany from the 4th to 7th September 2019. This is where all the major Bicycle, Accessory and Apparel brands from across the globe display their new releases and highlight their groundbreaking innovations. There were more than 1,400 exhibitors, here are a few of the products which caught our attention.


Wahoo are the pioneers in indoor training with their wide range of smart trainers. At Eurobike 2019 Wahoo premiered their Wahoo KICKR Bike which combines KICKR’s legendary ride feel with cutting-edge innovations like grade simulation to create a trainer that blurs the line between virtual and reality. With this Indoor trainer from Wahoo you can program virtual shifting to match the gear ratios and functionality of group sets from leading manufacturers like Shimano, SRAM and Campagnolo. The rider using the Wahoo app can easily match the KICKR Bike’s fit to your regular bicycle’s exact geometry. From saddle height to crank length to reach, the rider can dial in the fit that provides optimal comfort and performance.

Eurobike 2019 - Wahoo Kickr Bike
Eurobike 2019 - CeramicSpeed Driven


At Eurobike 2018 CeramicSpeed created a massive buzz worldwide with the Chainless Drivetrain prototype. In 2019, CeramicSpeed launched an updated version which can shift wirelessly with the shifting mechanism, actuator and rechargeable battery housed inside the hollow carbon shaft. The Driven system can shift to any point on the cassette allowing multiple gears to be changed in a single mechanical movement thanks to a self-aligning decoupler system. CeramicSpeed claims that this produces a seamless gear change with shifting speeds that could outperform a traditional electric drivetrain.


Eurobike 2019 had a wide array of E-Bicycles and E-Bicycle Tech on display. One E-Bike that caught our attention was the Bianchi e-SUV series. The e-SUV series objective is to provide the right combination of lifestyle, integration and safety. As usual the Bianchi design team did not hold anything back. The design has been inspired by the striking rock formation of the Dolomites. There are 3 Bicycles in the e-SUV series with the e-SUV Rally being the Halo product. The Bianchi e-SUV range will be released in 2020 globally.

Eurobike 2019 - Bianchi e-suv
Eurobike 2019 - Lazer Century


Lazer one of the leaders in the Bicycle Helmet industry and Helmet of choice for most professional teams released the Lazer Century helmet with Twist Cap Technology. The Twist Cap technology allows you to perform a “Twist of the Hand Action” to change the Helmet from a full-ventilated helmet into an aero helmet. Another revolutionary feature is an integrated rear LED light set to improve rider safety. Additionally the Century has internal vent channels that actively guide the airflow through the helmet and add-up to your comfort.


Zwift , is a software which provides virtual training for cyclists. Zwift has been gaining immense popularity especially among Road Cyclists who want to train whenever they are free. At Eurobike 2019 Zwift announced an MTB segment. This trail is a small trail but is definitely a promising start by Zwift to bring Mountain Bikers onto the platform. The real MTB feel is provided by a steering system that gives the rider a real life experience. Zwift MTB will allow users to replicate the steeper, shorter off-road climbs as well. We are definitely excited to see how Zwift take this forward.

Eurobike 2019 - Zwift MTB

Eurobike Friedrichshafen has always been considered as one of the leading Trade Shows with all the brands showcasing the latest technology and innovations. Eurobike 2019 didn’t disappoint and it will be very interesting to see how all these innovations will benefit the Cyclist.


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