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Easy tips for E Bicycle Maintenance

Just like a regular Bicycle, Electric Bicycles also require basic maintenance. Caring for an E-Bicycle is similar to a regular bicycle, with a few small exceptions. It’s very important to look after your E Bicycle to ensure that you get the most out of it. We've put together some essential tips for maintaining and looking after your E Bicycle, so you have more time to get out and ride.


Most E Bicycles use Lithium-Ion batteries and there are a few do’s and don’ts. When storing your battery it needs to be kept between 1 to 39 degrees Celsius otherwise this will cause damage to the battery. It is important to keep this in mind if you store your E Bicycle in a garage or shed. An easy solution is to remove the battery and store it inside your house. If you’re storing your E Bicycle for a long period of time, it is recommended to charge the battery every 3 months, if you don’t it can cause the battery to drop below residual power. It’s also worth noting that on most battery packs, leaving your battery on charge won’t harm it, it will automatically cut off once fully charged.

Easy tips for E Bicycle Maintenance-1
Easy tips for E Bicycle Maintenance-2


To clean your E Bicycle after a long muddy ride, simply water wash it (trying to avoid any electrical components) although these are water resistant you can never be too careful. The most important tip is to avoid using a jet washer, these force water into seals and remove essential grease from bearings and can also damage your electrical components. You can also use a Bicycle Cleaner to wash as it’s easy to apply and is easy to removing post ride mud. Use a brush to remove the stubborn bits of mud, an old toothbrush works wonders on your chain and cassette.


It’s always important to check your E Bicycle before every ride to ensure everything is okay and safe before you set off. Start off by powering on your battery and checking if it is adequately charged for your planned ride. Make sure the battery is locked in if it is a removable battery pack. Check if the throttle is working (if that option is there) and also check all levels of pedal assists by lifting up the rear wheel and rotating the pedals. Check if your tire pressure is correct and your tire tread is ok to limit the chance of a puncture. Check your brake pads to make sure you have enough on them to see you through the ride and also roll your E Bicycle along the floor and pull your brake levers to check they are working correctly too. It’s always good to check that your quick release skewer (if there are any, this is the part of your E bicycle that assists with easily removing the wheels) to make sure they are closed correctly. Finally check all your bolts are tight paying special attention to your stem and handlebar bolts (especially if you’ve had to turn the bars to store or transport it).

Easy tips for E Bicycle Maintenance-3

E Bicycle maintenance is important if you want to avoid large fixes or replacements down the road. These are some quick and easy maintenance tips that you can do for yourself that will help to greatly extend the useful life of your Electric Bicycle.


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