Disc Brakes vs Rim Brakes
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Disc Brakes vs Rim Brakes

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Disc Brakes vs Rim Brakes

They both have their fair share of advantages and disadvantages. So you should really be thinking of what you're willing to compromise on and what you think is priority. There is no clear way to tell one as superior to another. The following two tables have listed all the factors you need to know about Disc brakes and Rim brakes

Disc Brakes



  • Unaffected by Rain/Snow
  • Does not damage Rims
  • Easy to Install and Setup
  • Removing tyres is simpler
  • Condition of Rims does not affect brakes
  • Additional weight
  • More Expensive
  • Fork needs to have the required allowances
  • Complicates Rear Kick stand mounting
  • Adds stress on spokes




Rim Brakes

  • Much cheaper than disc brakes
  • Easy to maintain and replace
  • No strain on hubs and spokes
  • Doesn't interfere with Rear kickstand mount
  • Causes wear on the rims
  • Affected by water and mud
  • Can cause rims to heat up and blow the tyre
  • Brake shoes need to replaced more often
Caliper Brakes


We all know Disc brakes can look a lot cooler than Rim brakes do. But is it worth the extra weight and price? The difference in stopping power can be marginal based on the quality and brand of the brakes. At the end of the day this is only a matter of preference.

By Rohit Kuttappa


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