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Dahon Bicycles launched in India

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Dahon Bicycles launched in India

American Bicycle manufacturer Dahon Bicycles has partnered with TI cycles to bring Dahon foldable bicycles to India. Dahon Cycles is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of foldable cycles. The company was founded in 1982 by Mr David T Hon, who wanted to pursue his vision of creating “Foldable Green transportation”. Foldable cycles allow the user to use other modes of transport when he wants to go from point A to Point B. A Dahon cycle, once folded, can be easily carried around anywhere. Dahon Cycles can now be purchased at your nearest Track and Trail store. Dahon Bicycles have launched three foldable cycles. They are:


The Vybe D7 is a lightweight Aluminium folding bicycle that is equipped with Microshift twist shifter and a 7-speed drive train. The Vybe D7 aims to offer a comfortable and enjoyable ride. The bicycle is available in one colour-Pitch Black and is priced at Rs. 34,800


The trendy SUV D7 is built on a High Tensile steel frame. This foldable bicycle is equipped with Shimano twist shifter and 6-speed drive train. The compact dimensions of this bike make it ideal for commuting through traffic. The SUV D7 is available in two colours-Royal Blue and Racy White. The Bicycle is priced at Rs. 23,200


The extremely popular Vitesse D8 is built on a light weight alloy frame. This easy-to-fold bicycle is equipped with a 8-speed Shimano Trigger Shifter. The Vitesse D8 aims to deliver practical commuting without compromising on performance. The Vitesse D8 is available in one colour- Pitch Black. The Vitesse D8 is priced at Rs. 37,700.

Dahon’s foldable bicycles will appeal to those employing Mixed-mode commuting (using more than one mode of transportation) to work. 


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