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  • Training and Fitness

When it comes to choosing between the two, there are factors that one needs to keep in mind and decide which one benefits them and their goals.


When it comes to equipment, running requires little to no investment. One needs to have a good pair of shoes, some running attire and a water bottle, and they are all set to go. However, cycling requires that you buy at least basic equipment before you cycle. This includes buying a cycle, some basic accessories, proper shoes and attire. Once this is bought, you are ready to start your journey on the saddle.

More often than not, once one gets into the sport (be it cycling or running) they tend to start stocking up on additional accessories to enhance their experience, such as monitors, arm bands for phones etc.When it comes to choice of extra accessories, cycling as a sport has a lot more to offer!


Both cycling and running involve use of the same muscle groups. However, while running one tends to engage the core and abs more than one does while cycling. Cycling on the other hand, uses one's upper thighs and quads more.

While running, one tends to exert more strain to cover a distance and this can lead to quicker exhaustion as well as more impact and faster tearing of the muscles. Cycling on the other hand, is low-impact, i.e.åÊ Less strenuous on one's muscles, and one can keep a good pace without getting drained of energy fast. However, cycling can lead to tendonitis and strain on one's back and shoulders if not done with proper form.


Studies show that an hour of running at a medium pace burns more calories than an hour of cycling at a medium pace. This is true as running requires more exertion and strain. However, an hour of running is more likely to wear one out more than an hour of cycling.

With cycling, one can burn upto 300 calories an hour on a medium paced ride, and time permitting, one can go on longer without the worry of over straining their body.åÊHowever, running for more than an hour is not recommended (on a regular basis), as this will cause you to over exert yourself and put too much strain on one's muscles.


While both cycling and running are environmentally friendly, cycling can have an edge over running in this aspect. This is owed to the fact that one can choose to cycle to work, there by reducing their carbon footprint. While running to work can not be ruled out as a possibility, it is highly unlikely that one would use this as a regular option for daily commute!


If you are the kind of person who likes to travel to new places and explore them, cycling gives you an added advantage over running. It is easier to cover larger distances (100kms+) in a day with cycling. Thereby, making cycling a great mode of transport for short vacations and exploring new areas. With running, one won't be able to cover a large distance in a span of a day. Reasons being that running is slower, more energy consuming and requires more rest at intervals.

There is no concrete answer about either cycling or running being better than the other. Both have risks associated with them as well as great benefits. In the end, it depends on the person practicing the sport and their end training goals as well as preference.


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