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Cycling Themed Valentine’s Day Gifts

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Cycling Themed Valentine’s Day Gifts

It is that time of the year again where everyone starts seeing red, not anger - it’s the opposite - love. Valentine ’s Day is around the corner, and if cycling’s become your valentines first love, here are some cool ideas to surprise them this 14th of February. 

A cycle-cation

Surprise your partner by planning a day out, or even the weekend, on your bicycles. You could cycle your favourite route, stopping along the way for a nice picnic. This will make its way into your memories together. Alternatively, you plan a road trip on your bicycles and spend a weekend away from home, or take your cycles on a road trip by car and explore a whole new area together. Since Valentine’s Day is midweek, you could look at planning this the previous weekend. 

Cycling Themed Valentine’s Day Gifts-1
Cycling Themed Valentine’s Day Gifts-2

A cycling-themed Apparel Basket

It is no hidden fact that cyclists love their apparel, and can never seem to have enough. So this Valentine’s Day you could surprise your loved one by putting together a cycling-themed apparel hamper basket. You can fill this with things like cycling gloves, socks, a new jersey and/or a pair of cycling shorts, and a bunch of small knick-knacks such as head scarves/ arm warmers to name a few.  

Cycle Hopping

Plan a day out where you and your partner get onto your cycles and paint the city red. You can plan a day exploring your city on two wheels, from cozy restaurants to the ‘must-sees’ of your city and maybe end the night with a movie or a drink. (If you are drinking, be sure to be able to ride back home.) 

Cycling Themed Valentine’s Day Gifts-3
Cycling Themed Valentine’s Day Gifts-4

Another thing BIG on cyclists never-end list of requirements are accessories. We love them. No matter what. We have all experienced going into a store for one thing and returning with a whole bunch of things. Accessories are a great present for a cyclist. It could be a new cycle computer, a light set, new shoes, or anything else that you think your partner would falls head over heels for. 

Custom Jersey

If you want something more personal, you could design a jersey, and have it made just for your partner. They are sure to love their own ‘one-of-a-kind’, customized jersey. You could do the same on a tee-shirt, if your partner prefers them over jerseys. 

Cycling Themed Valentine’s Day Gifts-5

We know that there are people who prefer presents and people who prefer experiences, and that is why this list contains ideas that could appeal to both. If you are single and don't have a Valentine, you can gift yourself something cool this Valentines Day.


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