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Cycling Shorts - A Good Investment?

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Cycling Shorts - A Good Investment

One of the frequently mentioned products in most articles about essential accessories for a cyclist is undoubtedly cycling shorts. And yet, many question the necessity of spending that extra on a good pair of cycling shorts, as they aren’t exactly cheap. So, is it a good investment? Is it worth spending that extra for a pair of shorts? Read on to find out.

Protects your sit bones

A good pair of cycling shorts will protect your sit bones and your rear side from constant jarring. Padded shorts work in combination with your saddle, being that the cushioning on the saddle and the padding on your cycling shorts will both work together to provide for extra comfort while on the saddle.

Cycling Shorts - A Good Investment-1
Cycling Shorts - A Good Investment-2

Allows for comfortable movement

Cycling shorts are designed to be comfortable while 'sticking to your body’. Thus providing space for unconstricted movement, without worrying about loose clothing getting jammed in the cogs or the wheels of the bicycle.

Offers protection to your skin

Cycling shorts help ​protect your skin against the repetitive friction of your legs against the bicycle’s saddle and frame. Additionally, they help to draw sweat away from the skin, being made of absorbent materials, and hence prevents chafing.

Cycling Shorts - A Good Investment-3
Cycling Shorts - A Good Investment-4

Helps reduce overall weight, and improve performance

Being made out of lightweight lycra, wearing cycling shorts can reduce the weight of your clothing considerably, especially when compared to wearing track pants or gym shorts that are usually made of cotton. Additionally, due to the snug fit of cycling shorts, the aerodynamics factor, while on the saddle, is considerably improved as cycling shorts help facilitate reduced wind resistance owing to their snug fit. Reduced weight and improved aerodynamics are factors that influence and improve your overall performance while on the saddle.


Buying a good pair of well fitting cycling shorts that are padded will definitely improve your overall comfort while on the saddle. Additionally, a good pair of cycling shorts will aid in enhancing your overall performance whether on the saddle, whether you are a beginner, a professional or anywhere in between. Riding without cycling shorts can cause discomfort that can keep you off of your saddle for a while, and getting back on can be hard. So, go ahead and invest in a good pair of cycling shorts, your body and your bicycle, will thank you. Check out our range of cycling shorts here.


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