Cycling Recovery Tips

Cycling Recovery Tips

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Cycling Recovery Tips

When you train hard on your bicycle, you deserve to get good results. Post ride recovery is as important as your Pre-Ride preparation. One of the best moments to improve your performance is the first hour after your training session.  Here are 5 simple tips for a better recovery:

1. Drink water post ride

60% of your body weight is water. Proper hydration after a ride will help you recover quicker, improving your performance. On cooler days plain water is generally as good as solid food post ride as it helps replace lost electrolytes. During hot conditions post ride hydration with an electrolyte is a better option.

2. Eat carbohydrates

Eating carbohydrates stimulate the synthesis of glycogen and muscle proteins – helping your body to naturally refuel and repair itself.

3. Eat proteins (but not at the same time as you eat your carbohydrate)

Proteins stimulate secretion of insulin, which help building up the muscle again.

4. Change clothes

Prevent illness by changing quickly out of damp cycling clothing rather than catching a chill. This is the same for training as well as racing.

5. Cool down

By taking a short light recovery ride after your intense training and racing and you will naturally flush metabolites from your system and speed up the process of recovery.