People being forced off their cycles in Kolkata
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People being forced off their cycles in Kolkata

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People being forced off their cycles in Kolkata

With Governments and policy makers the world over picking cycling as the go to mode of transport to help fight multiple social issues like obesity and global warming, it seems the administration in Kolkata has different ideas.

With multiple ‰Û÷Cycles Prohibited‰Ûª signs having cropped up, a majority of Kolkata‰Ûªs cycling friendly citizens are left having to take the long way around these 38+ ‰ÛÏmajor roadways‰Û now reserved for motorists.

Mamata Banerjee‰Ûªs vision to make Kolkata more like London is taking a serious knock with policy like this. The local administration would do well to look at what Barclays and London have done for cycling with over 8,000 cycles for rent in different parts of the city.

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Update: A campaign has been started to convince Commisioner of Police, Traffic Department, Kolkata to lift the ban on cycling on the 38+ major roads. This petition is available for anyone to sign HERE

By Suhail Ahmed


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