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Common Issues with Road Bicycles

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Common Issues with Road Bicycles

Purchasing a new bicycle involves a ton of research before finally settling on ‘the Bicycle’ for you. Having spent a fair amount of money on the bicycle, it can be anxiety-inducing when you face issues with your bicycle. Most issues that pop up tend to be fairly common with usage and are usually resolved fairly easily. We have compiled a list of common issues with Road Bicycles, and how to rectify them.


A Tire Puncture is probably the most common issue, and perhaps the easiest one to avoid. Punctures can be caused from hitting an obstacle with your wheel to riding over thorns, glass pieces etc. This can be prevented by using a good tire liner, and by making sure to inflate your tires to the recommended pressure, and annually replacing your tires and tubes. Also, replace your inner tube if you have had more than a couple of punctures. Another common related issue is recurring pinch flats which are flats caused mostly owing to riding on under-inflated tires. They are when the rim bottoms out and the tube gets pinched between the rim and the tire, and gets punctured.

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A broken chain can be caused by overexertion and stretching of the chain. Fixing a broken chain is simple, however you will need a chain tool and some compatible quick links. To fix a broken chain, shift the gears so that you can thread the chain back on and set it on the smallest chainring and sprocket. Have the broken part of the chain at the bottom and then use the chain tool to push out the rivet of the broken link. Fit the quick link on each side and then join them together.


If you hear a swooshing noise as a particular area of wheel rim passes through the brake caliper it could indicate that your brakes are rubbing against the rim. If you are in the middle of a ride, you can temporarily solve this by slackening the brakes by screwing in the barrel adjuster that is placed on top of the brake caliper. This can be fixed properly by re-aligning the brake pads so that the brake shoe is correctly placed on the rim of the tire, if you find that the brake shoe looks worn out, then replacing it would be ideal. When it comes to disc brakes, noisy braking could be caused by accumulation of dirt. Cleaning the rotors and replacing the pads could help overcome noisy disc brakes.

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As you ride and use your road bicycle the cables will stretch, so you might find your chain skipping or clicking when you change gear. To fix this tighten the rear derailleur cable by screwing its barrel adjuster anti-clockwise. Sometimes, a misaligned or worn out rear derailleur could cause the gears to skip.


If you find one shoe is becoming sticky to disengage it may be because the cleat has partially cracked and is bending, and it would be time to replace them. When you replace your cleats, remember to do the bolts up tight.

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It is not uncommon for small issues to pop up, especially if you use your bicycle regularly. To avoid small issues becoming serious and causing harm to your bicycle make sure that you clean your bicycle regularly and give it a good maintenance regime annually.


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