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Common Cycling Tips Beginners are Better Off Without

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Common Cycling Tips Beginners are Better Off Without

Being new to the world of bicycles can be confusing. As a beginner, you may turn to a friend who has been cycling for a while or to Bicycle Tip forums to get advise about bicycles and cycling. However, there are times when you could end up with a bad choice based on wrong advice. We’ve compiled a short list of common cycling tips that beginners are better off without. Read on to know more!


A common practise with many athletes is to carb-load before a big day on the bicycle. As a beginner, you may have heard of carb-loading before a bike ride and the importance to unfailingly do so. However, this may be ideal prior to a long-distance cycling race or a particularly hard training ride, most beginners don’t need to worry about carb-loading the day before (or day of) a training ride. If your training rides are under the two-hour range, all you need to ensure is that you eat a balanced diet - primarily based of lean proteins, unprocessed foods and plenty of leafy greens to keep you going.

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Though second hand bicycles are a great way to save money, buying a second hand bicycle has its own set of disadvantages. For instance, you won’t be able to determine how well the bicycle fits and the right fit is essential for comfort and a pain-free ride. Furthermore, a beginner may not be able to spot problems on a used bicycle such as a cracked frame, replaced/duplicate wheels, faulty components etc.


For beginners, taking a few days off between rides, especially when you’re sore or tired is imperative. To keep yourself active and getting exercise regularly you can try and alternating harder days on the saddle with easy rides or cross-training/light gym sessions. As your body begins to adapt to cycling, you can gradually increase the number of days you ride per week. Always keep in mind that doing too much too fast could lead to overtraining, muscle fatigue and injuries which could eventually cause you to take an extended break from your bicycle.

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“Traditionalists” may eye an e-bicycle with skepticism, and advise a beginner against buying one. However, e-bicycles do have a place on the road, especially for beginners looking for a bicycle to commute. Furthermore, e-bikes can give you a little boost when you need it, especially on climbs. Most models have an option to switch off the assist, which enables you to pedal and get in exercise too.


Sports-nutrition products are everywhere and their growing popularity may have you thinking that you can not complete your morning ride without that “must have” sports drink or energy bar. Though, in all honesty you will be able to comfortably complete your morning ride on just water (and maybe some electrolytes/coconut water if you are a heavy sweater). Energy drinks/ bars are essential only when you are riding over two-hours or at a high intensity and you need an extra push. Sports drinks and energy bars are calorie dense and will likely make it difficult to lose weight and/or lessen the performance gains you’ve made during your workout. A good nutrient-dense meal post your ride will help with your recovery, nourish your body and keep you full for longer. (A cup of black coffee/ good quality pre-workout snack is a good way to get energized for your ride, if you feel like you need something to get you going).

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Sometimes, being a beginner in the cycling space can be overwhelming. Especially with a lot of the do's and don’ts out there that could be conflicting based on different opinions. So, I would say, at the end of the day go with what you feel is best for you personally, and keep it simple! So, get out there and Keep Cycling!


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