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  • Bicycle Maintenance
Cleaning Your Bicycle

Cleaning is one chore most of us just do not like. Be it cleaning the house, dishes or even our bicycle we all like to delay it as much as possible. One must remember that a Bicycle is a collection of moving parts and when exposed to the elements while riding these parts tend to deteriorate which will affect the performance of the Bicycle. Read on to find out how you can Clean your Bicycle at home without spending much time or money and ensure your Bicycle looks the same way it did when you first got it.


To clean your Bicycle you only need a couple of items which can be easily found around the house and a few which can be purchased easily. The items you will require are:

  • Clean Rags or Old Cotton T-Shirts
  • Water
  • Bucket and Sponge or a water hose
  • Soap/General Cleaner (preferably biodegradeable)
  • Brushes
  • Degreaser
  • Chain Lubricant
  • Bike Stand (Optional)

One can clean their Bicycle by following 3 simple steps:

Cleaning Your Bicycle 1
Cleaning Your Bicycle 2


Fill a bucket with water and soap. Dip your sponge into this mixture and soap up the frame working your way from the front to back and then rinse the frame with clean water. If you have disc brakes, try to keep the soap away from the rotors and disc pads. Then use a clean bucket of water and brush rinse of all the parts again from front to back to ensure all the grime is removed. After this you will have to dry the Bicycle thoroughly by using a few clean rags which are dry. Ensure that there are no water marks left on the frame.


The Chain is your Bicycle’s most “at risk” lubricated part. One must clean and lube it frequently to slow down chain wear. To clean a chain that doesn’t have too much built-up grime, simply use a rag and degreaser. For a really dirty chain you may want to use a chain-cleaning device which is more thorough. Use a degreaser and turn the Crank backwards so that it gets on every link for about 5 to 10 minutes. After which rinse with a gentle stream of water. If the chain is still grimy apply small drops of soap like you would lube, grip the chain with a sponge then turn the crank several times and then rinse. After your chain is dry, take your chain lubricant and apply it as per the directions mentioned on the bottle.

Cleaning Your Bicycle 3
Cleaning Your Bicycle 4


Dip a stiff-bristled bristled brush in some soapy water and scrub the chainrings, get into the crevices around the teeth, pulleys and rings. The rinse with a gentle stream of water and repeat if you still find contaminants. After this follow the same steps with your cassette. After this, apply a drop or two of lube to the lever pivots and the barrel adjusters. Then apply lubricant to the pivot points on your Gears and Brakes. Be careful to keep lubricant away from your Brake pads.

DO’s and DON’Ts


  • Recycle your old kitchen sponges.
  • Floss with a clean rag between chainrings, cogs, and other hard-to-reach places.
  • Be committed. A clean bike rides better and lasts longer.


  • Use an abrasive sponge or brush on your frame.
  • Apply Lubricant on your Brake Pads.
  • Not wash your Bicycle for long periods of time

Cleaning Your Bicycle 5

Keeping your Bicycle properly cleaned and lubricated is crucial for good performance. Clean and well lubricated Bicycle parts also ensure your increase the life span of these components which helps you save money in the long run. A Clean Bicycle also makes your Bicycle look brand new like the day you got it. We recommend simply wiping down your Bicycle after every ride and a complete cleaning of your Bicycle after every 10 rides.


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