b-E-ing Human

b-E-ing Human

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In light of World Environment Day, Salman Khan’s acclaimed brand Being Human, unveiled a range of electric cycles on the 5th of June 2017. The event launch saw the presence of the whole Khan family. To promote the electric bicycles, Salman and Sohail Khan cycled for 1km, from Galaxy Apartments to Mehboob Studios, where the bicycle launch event was scheduled.

The new range of electric bicycles that are set to hit the market soon start at a base pricing of INR 40,000 and go up to INR 57,000 for a high-end model. At the event, Salman Khan was nostalgic about the first cycle he ever owned.  

E-cycles seem to be making their way into the market, and gaining popularity rapidly. Battery operated, yet no license required to ride them make them very desirable to a large target of audience, across all age groups. 

At first glance, the ‘Being Human’ E-bicycles look sturdy and interesting. Looking forward to checking them out once they do hit the market. 

Being Human E-Bicycles