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8 Reasons to Gift your Child a Bicycle

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8 Reasons to Gift your Child a Bicycle

Most people have fond childhood memories of cycling. Today, with the advent of technology and gadgets, a cycle may not be at the top of a child's wish-list, especially the older they get. However, memories of your first ever cycle, or riding your first time without training wheels are what one cherishes, and looks back to fondly. We have compiled a list of reasons why a cycle is a great present for a child.


Owning and riding a cycle makes way for a new mode of transportation. Being more than just something to play with, a bicycle is a mode of transport that children of all ages can use. Thus, being the first 'vehicle' that that can ride by themselves. It is a fun way to get your child to learn how to be responsible when it comes to owning and using a vehicle. Owning a cycle can inculcate a sense of independence in them.


The feeling of freedom and independence associated with owning a bicycle helps in the development of children. A bicycle provides an option to children to get from one place to another without depending on automobiles, public transport, other people and even, money. Younger children learn to appreciate the difference, and older children can start to use their bicycles to go around the city. For example, use their cycle to go to school, or to run errands.

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A cycle is a fun way to maintain a healthy lifestyle and get exercise merged into one's daily routine. Since cycling involves using one's whole body, it is a great form of exercise and play, in one. It also doubles up as exercise for the family, as you can now go on family cycling outings, or you can walk or jog as your child goes cycling.


Cycling enhances a child's sense of awareness. Being on the road generally involves a certain level of awareness, but while one cycles they have to be aware of other vehicles on the road as well as their surroundings and the other people in them. Cycling can really help learn how to take it all in while relaxing and having fun!


A cycle is a fantastic teaching tool. Children can be taught the importance of road rules and what they are, while on a fun ride around the neighborhood. Also, they can learn about the parts of a cycle and how to fix common problems that occur with bicycles (like punctures, chain slips etc). This kind of practical knowledge deepens the learning abilities and skill set of a child.


When it comes to value for money gifts, a cycle is one of the top contenders on that list as it is not just an exciting present, but also helps in your child's overall development – inculcating a sense of responsibility, independence, and self-reliance. Additionally, a cycle is something that a child can use for a long time and involves getting some air and sun at the same time.

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Introducing your child to a bicycle is introducing them to the importance of cutting down pollution from vehicle emission. When more and more children take to the streets on cycles, for fun and to run errands or go to school, it can have a huge positive impact on the environment. Additionally, one can also introduce them to various campaigns aimed at social change that have been undertaken by various cyclists globally.


When it comes to vacation time or weekends, children do tend to have a lot more energy than we do. A cycle is a great way to help them deal with that energy. Not only that, they also develop a new hobby which can lead to becoming a professional interest – given that the scope of cycling as a profession and not just a hobby, is growing in the country.


Whatever age your child maybe, a bicycle is always a great gift. Whether it is their first tricycle, or bicycle or their 3rd one, it is sure to bring a smile on their faces when they see it. Also, the feeling you get as you watch your child discover that their present is a cycle – rolling it into the house or taking them to it, is priceless.


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