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5 Reasons to use Cycling Shoes

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5 Reasons to use Cycling Shoes

There lies a wide misconception that cycling shoes are “just for the pros”. Whether you pedal on roads, up mountain sides or on trails, or even in an indoor class, your feet don't touch the ground often, when you're cycling. That said, cycling shoes go beyond just protecting your feet. What you wear for your rides can make an overall difference to your workout. Read on to know why cycling shoes are important.


With rigid soles, Cycling Shoes enable a firm connection between the shoes and the pedals. Typically, when using Cycling Shoes, most of the power initiated during pedaling is directly transmitted to the Bicycle giving the rider a smoother, faster ride. Since Cycling Shoes maintain constant contact between your feet and the pedals, there is no energy wasted while pedaling.

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Cycling Shoes clip one’s feet into the pedals, i.e. they “attach” the riders foot to the pedal. Because of this, both the portions of a stroke, i.e. the push (or downward stroke) and the pull (or upward action) transmit power. This is not the same with regular sneakers because they only transmit power during the downward portion of the stroke. Not only does this increase one’s overall speed, it also promotes muscle balance and enhances performance while preventing energy wastage.


Cycling Shoes ensure that your feet are in constant connection with the surface of the pedal. This prevents one’s feet from sliding while pedaling and allows the rider to focus on power generation and alignment, which inturn leads to a better and smoother ride. Slipping, which could happen while using regular shoes, may lead to loss of control and/or unnecessary expenditure of energy trying to balance and control the cycle.

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Cycling Shoes are designed with features that are specific to the requirements of cyclists. Cycling Shoes are typically made with stiff/ rigid soles which ensure that your feet are more comfortable and protect your feet from the stress on the pedal’s pressure points. While buying well cushioned, flexible sneakers may seem like a good idea, cycling shoes in fact enhance overall comfort (once you get used to using them).


Typically, Cycling Shoes are made using a breathable material such as a mesh. This ensures constant circulation of fresh air in your shoes. Furthermore, it prevents your feet from getting sweaty as air circulates in and out of the shoes. Thus keeping your feet fresh and not-so-smelly!

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The reasons to use Cycling Shoes are many, and the advantages - even more! Though Cycling Shoes tend to come with a fairly high price tag, they are an investment worth going for. Cycling Shoes are durable, and one pair will go a long way - literally and figuratively, ‘coz once you experience riding with cycling shoes, you are going to want to spend a longer time on the road! Check out the range of cycling shoes available, here.


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