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5 Reasons to Own an E-Bicycle

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5 Reasons to Own an E-Bicycle

Your neighbors have bought an E-Bicycle, and they can not stop talking about it nor telling you to check it out for yourself. It is just a phase, you say - dismissing it.

Now, so have your colleagues, and your boss. You start to see several e-bikes on the road, too. You get the drift…

If you are reading this article, you are perhaps considering buying an e-bicycle. Read on for compelling reasons to own an e-bicycle.


While E-Bicycles offer several benefits that regular cycling does, extra power from an electric driven motor will ensure that you are able to travel longer distances and ride for a longer duration without spending as much energy or tiring out as much as you would while on a regular bicycle. Think longer weekend rides, and sweat-free commuting.

5 Reasons to Own an E-Bicycle-1
5 Reasons to Own an E-Bicycle-2


Dread buying a gym membership, knowing that you could potentially be wasting money by not going? Spend the money on an E-Bicycle. You can not only stay fit while riding an electric bicycle but you can save money doing so. Not because you didn’t buy that gym membership, but because your E-Cycle can double up as a convenient mode of transport, thereby saving you money spent on fuel and car maintenance.


Most urban Indian commuters have one common hatred, you guessed it - "traffic!" Why waste time waiting in traffic or leaving super early to beat ‘peak hour’ jams when you can use an E-Bicycle to effectively manoeuver through traffic and those crowded roads. Plus, with assisted pedaling/ a throttle-mode, you won’t even be covered in sweat.

Additionally, you save on time spent looking for parking space!

5 Reasons to Own an E-Bicycle-3
5 Reasons to Own an E-Bicycle-4


Have you been meaning to explore a particular route, but dreading that massive hill mid-way? With an electric bicycle adverse riding conditions including hill climbs, headwinds and/or crosswinds will not seem as daunting with the extra power on offer. You can now use your E-Bicycle and indulge the adventure-seeker that lies within.


Granted that E-Bicycles still use electricity to be charged and electricity, generally, comes from thermal sources. The amount of electricity used is considerably less than what goes into running a car. By using an E-Bicycle you are reducing your carbon footprint by not contributing to vehicular emissions and also using less fuel. Choose to go green, and buy an E-Bicycle!

5 Reasons to Own a E-Bicycle-5

The advantages of using an E-bicycle are plenty and with the growth in the market several brands are coming out with competitively priced, well-designed electric bicycles that are lightweight and great looking. If everyone were to own, and use electric bicycles, we are sure to see a drastic difference in traffic congestion as well as environmental pollution. Check out the range of E-Bicycles available here.


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