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5 Must Ride Routes - East India

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5 Must Ride Routes - East India

With ‘Bicycle Tourism’ gaining popularity in India, we have put together a series of must ride routes across India. While covering the entire country is a dream to many, we have broken this down into 4 parts - with top routes in the North, West, East and South, to cover more ground, across the different regions of the country. Read on for information on must-ride routes in the Eastern Part of the country.


If you are up for a challenge on your bicycle, with blissful weather and gorgeous views as motivators along the way, this is the route for you. This 52 kilometer route traverses through gorgeous landscapes in the abode of clouds - Meghalaya, and ends at the place known for having the highest rainfall in the country - Cherrapunji. Though just 52kms, the weather and the terrain could prove a bit tricky and could take a day or two to cover. The area receives rain throughout the year, so it would be recommended to prepare for this ahead of time. The best time to cover this route would be in the pleasant and cooler months - between October and May.

5 Must Ride Routes - East India - Part 1
5 Must Ride Routes - East India - Part 2


Located in Arunachal Pradesh this route is for the adventure-enthusiast. Given factors such as the terrain, the distance and the level of difficulty, it is strongly recommended that this route be undertaken by experienced riders and not beginners. This route covers a distance of 270 kilometers, taking you through forests, hills and rugged roads. The total time to cover this route would be about 10 days, and would involve camping along the way. The best time to cover this route would be in the Summer (April-June), where the temperatures are warmer (20-35 degrees, so you’ll still need to be well equipped for the cold!), or the winter, October - March (if you like the cold!)


The ultimate route for the adrenaline seeker in you. This route, though just 60 kms, is packed with adventure, challenge and excitement. With roads that traverse through snow-laden landscapes, and terrain not for the faint-hearted, this ride is sure to be one for a lifetime. Travelling to Nathula requires a permit, even on a bicycle - so make sure to check that out in advance. What makes this ride a challenge is the roads (or lack of, in some areas), the weather, the elevation and the insane climbs! Once you reach the top you will be glad you made the effort - the views are breathtaking. Given the terrain, the gradient and such factors this route is ideal for experienced cyclists and not beginners. A strong word of caution though, given the elevation makes sure you are a 100% physically fit before attempting this route. The best time to plan this adventure would be between May and October. The weather is about 10 degrees, so plan your clothing and apparel accordingly. This ride can be done in a day.

5 Must Ride Routes - East India - Part 3
5 Must Ride Routes - East India - Part 4


Visit the land of the Sun Temple on your two wheels. Commencing at Bhubaneswar, this route covers a distance of 75 kilometers approximately and can be covered in a day. The road from Bhubaneswar to Konark is relatively flat, or rolling. The only probable challenge would be slight winds. The roads are broad and well paved, and the views along the way are beautiful. This route can be covered in a day, leaving you with ample time to explore the Sun Temple, and soak in all the culture that Konark has to offer. This route is ideal for beginners and the best time to plan this ride would be in the cooler months between September and March.


Commencing at Puri, this 70 km route runs primarily along the coastline of Orissa, and ends at Satapada - a serene village that’s situated on the banks of the famous Chilika Lake. This route takes you through the gorgeous countryside, passing through quaint villages and beautiful landscapes. Areas along the route give you a glimpse of the gorgeous glistening waters of the Bay of Bengal. Broad roads and flat terrain make this ride ideal for beginners as well. The route can be covered in a day or two and the best time to plan this ride would be in the cooler months between September and March.

5 Must Ride Routes - East India - Part 5

When it comes to bicycle touring, I feel that you get to fully experience all that a place has to offer by spending a day or two there and exploring it on your bicycle. If you are crunched on time, you could choose a shorter route, thereby having to spend less time getting from one place to another. Touring on a bicycle is an experience that will be etched in your memory forever if done right, so remember to plan well, and make the most of your time on the saddle! Happy Riding!


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