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5 Must-have accessories for a long weekend ride

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5 Must-have accessories for a long weekend ride

Making a long weekend ride on your bicycle is always exciting. The thought of riding your bicycle on roads leading away from the city, savouring the landscape as one can when riding a bicycle. There is nothing more one could ask for, is there? Well, perhaps a few accessories to make your long weekend ride just that extra bit more comfortable. We have compiled a list of must have accessories to enhance your weekend ride. 


A saddle bag is an essential accessory to have when going on a long ride – to store your wallet, cards and small Knick knacks that you may require. There are saddle bags available in various sizes and price ranges. Additionally, you also have different kinds of bags that can be mounted on various parts of your bicycle – for example, under the seat post or on the handlebar. 

5 Must-have accessories for a long weekend ride Saddle Bag
5 Must-have accessories for a long weekend ride Arm Sleeve


If you are riding in extreme weather conditions, arm sleeves or arm warmers are a good choice of accessories to keep handy. Arm sleeves help keep one’s arms protected from the harsh heat in summers, and arm warmers keep one’s arms warm when riding in winter. 


Protect your eyes from dust as well as the glare from the sun with cycling specific eye wear. It is amazing how eye wear can actually change one’s over all riding experience, and make it more comfortable. Riding with constantly having to shield one’s eyes from dust or the sun can take away from one’s performance on the saddle. Therefore, we would recommend investing in a good pair of cycling-specific eyewear.  

5 Must-have accessories for a long weekend ride Eyewear
5 Must-have accessories for a long weekend ride Hydration


Staying hydrated while on a long ride is of utmost importance. Therefore, we would recommend investing in at least two bottle cages, and good quality bottles that can be mounted on your bicycle. If you don’t have mounting options on your frame for two cages, you can invest in a bottle cage adapter on which you can mount a cage. Alternatively, a good hydration bag is very useful when on longer rides. Using it is super simple, and what’s better – you can drink water while on the move! 


It is incredible how a good pair of cycling shorts can transform your riding experience by adding just that extra bit of much required comfort. One absolute must have accessory, especially when you are about to tackle long distance rides, is a good pair of cycling shorts. Cycling shorts add that extra comfort and cushioning that protects your saddle area, thereby enabling you to clock more distance without worrying about sores, aches and pains. 

5 Must-have accessories for a long weekend ride Cycling Shorts

This list is a compilation of what we feel are the top needed accessories to enhance your ride. As every cyclist knows, accessorising your bicycle is a hugely fun part of your entire riding experience, and in our opinion – one can NEVER have too many accessories. However, so remember to always wear a helmet when you go out on your bicycle – be it on a short or long ride. 


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