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5 Life Changing Benefits of Cycling Regularly

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5 Life Changing Benefits of Cycling Regularly

Good news cyclists - cycling everyday has great impacts in different aspects of your everyday life. You do not have to be a professional cyclist training for hours on end every day, to reap the benefits of cycling regularly. Cycling habitually as a form of commute or exercise can have a positive impact on your overall well being - physically and mentally.


When you ride your bicycle regularly, you subconsciously train your brain to stay alert and aware when on the road. This is especially so when you ride in urban areas or areas prone to traffic and congested riding conditions. When on the bicycle, being constantly alert of your surroundings not only ensures your own safety but also trains your brain to get sharp and quick to respond. This in turn enhances your general alertness and power of observation in your daily life.

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Studies have proven that exercising regularly releases Dopamine aka The Happy Hormone. So, the more time you spend on the saddle exercising - the better it is for your mental health. Adding to this, regular exercise reduces and prevents anxiety and depression while reducing stress.


A cycle ride a day, keeps the doc at bay! Cycling regularly can have a positive impact on your overall physical well being. Even 30 minutes of easy paced cycling on a regular basis can significantly reduce the risks of heart attacks, diabetes and other lifestyle disorders. Numerous studies have shown the correlation between light-moderate exercise and improved health markers when studying people across various age groups, with differing body compositions and at different levels of fitness.

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Any exercise, especially steady state low intensity cardio exercises, are known to be effective stress relievers. Not surprising, considering the dopamine released during exercise adds to a good mood. Furthermore, exercising can be a great way to get your mind off of repetitive thoughts of stressors in life - be it work-related or personal. Reduced stress and increased physical assertion can also improve sleep at night - significantly. And good sleep is needed to wake up feeling well-rested and relaxed, to tackle the day efficiently.


In the fast-paced lives we all lead today, being serious and constantly “ticking” has become a part and parcel of everyday life. In this, we have all forgotten the playful inner child within i.e. the lighter and more playful side of life. With cycling, you get in touch with your inner child and take some time off , even if its just 30 minutes a day, to nurture this fun-spirited and playful side of you that can help see things in life from a different perspective. Additionally, while on the saddle you are likely to meet other people who enjoy cycling as well - and form a social circle of cyclists who in turn motivate the others to keep on the saddle, even on those days when you may need that extra push!

5 Life Changing Benefits of Cycling Regularly-5

To conclude, 30 minutes on the bicycle everyday is a great way to start getting regular exercise into your schedule, while reaping numerous benefits that cycling regularly has to offer. And if the above reasons aren’t enough cycling is a great way to burn calories - so that extra piece of cake on the weekend will not seem like such a bad idea, after all! So get on that saddle, pedal it out! Get that piece of cake - and eat it too, confidently!


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