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5 Easy Pre-Ride Meals

  • Nutrition and Hydration
5 Easy Pre-Ride Meals

The importance of adequate pre-ride nutrition can not be emphasized enough. However, many of us tend to head out on our rides, especially in the morning, without considering a quick bite. While this might be alright for shorter rides up to an hour, it is never a good idea to skip out on pre ride nutrition on longer distances or when you have fast paced training rides, as this increases the risks of early fatigue, feeling faint and not performing well. The main principle behind this is based on the average human being’s dietary plan that the body runs on and is fuelled by glucose, and the point of pre-ride nutrition is to replenish one’s glycogen stores to provide fuel (i.e. energy) while on the ride. The easiest macronutrients to convert to glucose are carbohydrates, and the general idea would be to consume a meal that comprises mainly of carbs, with a little protein and fat. Low GI carbs are ideal for a more sustained release of energy. Read on for a few easy pre-ride meal ideas.


A smoothie is perhaps the easiest go-to pre-ride meal option. There are several options when it comes to smoothies - Fruit based, Fruit and Vegetable based, Vegetable based, Dairy, Non-Dairy etc. The idea of a smoothie is that it is quick to consume and is immensely satiating with enough nutrients to provide you with the boost you need for your ride. To make a smoothie you will need a base fruit (for e.g. banana)/ a base fruit and vegetable combination (for e.g. avocado and spinach)/ a vegetable (for e.g. carrots and celery), that is blended with a cup of milk (dairy/non-dairy) or yoghurt. Any other additions like sugar/honey/sweeteners/spices can be made based on your preference. And if you have time the previous night, you can prep a smoothie with the required base, and throw it into a bowl for your breakfast with fruit/veggie toppings and make it a smoothie bowl.

5 Easy Pre-Ride Meals-1
5 Easy Pre-Ride Meals-2


A breakfast staple across the world - Toast, makes for an ideal pre-ride meal. Containing adequate carbs to help one sustain energy levels while on the saddle. We agree, eating plain toast can get boring real quick (unless you are a die hard bread fan!) - hence, Jam! The sugar in the jam will give you a spike in your energy and help kick start your day on the saddle.


This one is pretty self-explanatory. There is nothing quicker than grabbing and slicing up a fruit, topping it with your favourite nut butter and devouring it quickly before hopping onto your saddle. Some ideas include - Bananas and Almond Butter, Apples and Peanut Butter or Cashew Butter with Berries - and if you have a long intense session planned for the day, an additional spoon of a certain hazelnut spread that we all love so much will not hurt!

5 Easy Pre-Ride Meals-3
5 Easy Pre-Ride Meals-4


Most Indian households have either idlis or rotis leftover from the previous day. So, why not cut the leftover idli/roti into pieces and toss it into a frying pan with some mustard seeds, onions and seasoning - and make a 5 minute stir fry.


An overnight ‘Porridge in a Jar’ is a great way to start your day, and a great meal before your bicycle ride too. To make an overnight jar you will need to soak oats/chia seeds in a milk of choice (dairy/non-dairy). You can add flavouring/sweeteners of choice to the mixture. This needs to be prepped the previous evening, but it is a quick and super tasty pre-ride meal. You can top your oats/chia seed ‘porridge’ with berries, coconut shavings, chocolate chips or any other such topping before consuming it.

5 Easy Pre-Ride Meals-1

The above-stated recipes are merely ideas for a well-balanced pre-ride meal, however, it is always exciting to come up with food ideas and figure out what works best for you, personally. Some foods may work better for some, while cause discomfort for others. It ultimately comes down to one’s personal eating habits, food choices etc. And to conclude, if you have absolutely no time to prepare anything, an energy bar to consume while on the go is always an option.


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