5 Bottle Cages to Buy
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5 Bottle Cages to Buy

  • Accessories
5 Bottle Cages to Buy

One must have when it comes to accessories for your bicycle is a bottle cage holder, atleast one if not two. If your cycle can hold two bottle cage mounts with ease, then we'd whole-heartedly say – go for it, buy the second one too. With a plethora of choices available in the market, we've put together a list of 5 bottle cages that are value for money, and will add to your riding experience.

SKS TopCage Bottle Cage

The SKS TopCage Bottle Cage is a lightweight, well-gripping bottle cage. The plastic material used to make the bottle cage contributes to it's leight weight and it's design is such that the bottle doesn't get scratched or marked with prolonged usage. Also, it retains the bottle well, on long rides. 

Price: Rs. 630/-

5 Bottle Cages to Buy - SKS TopCage
5 Bottle Cages to Buy - SKS TopCage


If you have a fixie or a bike without bottle cage mounts, or you just want an extra bottle cage, then the SKS Bottle Cage Adapter is your best pick.Its constructed using leighweight ABS plastic, and it shouldn't weather badly. Fitting this cage on to your bicycles frame is fairly easy. All you need to do is wrap the elasticated webbing around your frame, seatpost or stem, and voila, you're ready to go. 

Price: Rs. 420


Made up of a premium one oiece alloy body, the XMR Alloy Bottle Cage is suitable to all kinds of bicycles. Its flexiblity makes it an easy to use yet grippy bottle cage, retaining the bottle remarkably on rides. 

Price: Rs. 495

5 Bottle Cages to Buy - SKS TopCage
5 Bottle Cages to Buy - SKS TopCage


Made using 6061 Aluminium Alloy, the Planet Bike Bottle Cage is lightweight and durable. It's 6.2mm frame, adds to it's lightweight and flexiblity. To add to it, it can be mounted on bicycles with or without bottle cage bosses. 

Also, this bottle cage is available in three exciting, vibrant colour variants: a celeste green and a red. 

Price: INR 349


Compatible with standard sports bottles, the XMR Plastic Cage has a basic, yet ergonomic design. It is made from plastic, making it leightweight. It can be fitted on all types of bicycles. It's flexiblity allows for an easy to use, yet grippy hold on bottles. Being made of plastic, constant usage of bottles from this cage keeps the bottle intact and free of any scrathes on the surface that can come with regular use of a bottle in a cage.

Price: INR 195

5 Bottle Cages to Buy - SKS TopCage

A bottle cage is a must on every bicycle. To view our entire range of Bottle Cages, click here.We offer Free Shipping all across India.


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