4 Amazing innovations in the world of cycling
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4 Amazing innovations in the world of cycling

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4 Amazing innovations in the world of cycling

Technology and Innovation seem to be changing the way we do everything. And quite obviously, it has invaded the cycling world in a rather large way. From funky accessories to full-fledged installations around us, many of these are already creating quite a buzz in countries in Europe and the Americas. These are 4 amazing ideas/concepts that we‰Ûªd really like to see in India sooner than later -

The Japanese Bicycle Parking system
Trust the Japanese to come up with something like this first. An underground parking exclusively for bicycles.åÊClick Here to read more.
German Bicycle Lock
German Engineering taken to new heights - quite literally. Check out the bicycle security that puts your bicycle ‰Û÷up‰Ûª in a really safe place.åÊClick Here to read more.
Volvo Life Paint
One way to prevent a road accident is to make sure you‰Ûªre completely visible. Life Paint by Volvo helps you achieve that. Like a boss. Click Here to read more.
Glow in the Dark roads (Netherlands)
The Dutch take it up a notch. The glow in the dark road lines help you keep an eye out for anything outside the ordinary and saving tons of money in electricity.åÊClick Here to read more.


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