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Zakpro Stellar Series LED Helmet - White

ChooseMyBicycle.com | Zakpro Stellar Series LED Helmet - White
  • MRP: ₹6,099
  • Price: ₹5,794

  • Discount: Save 5%

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  • Construction : Full In Mould Construction
  • Material : PC shell + black EPS
  • Lock Type : Adjustable Headlock
  • Buckle : Fidlock buckle
  • Finish : Matt
  • Certification : EN 1078:2012+A1:2012
  • LED turn indicators
  • Wireless remote (waterproof IP65 standard)
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Zakpro Stellar Series LED Helmet - White Snapshot

4.2 Product Rating Out of 5
Value for Money

Reasons To Buy

  • The fusing of the EPS and plastic shell gives the helmet great resistance to cracking from an external blow making it a safe helmet for the riders.
  • There are 4 strips of LED lights located two each on front and rear end of the helmets. These lights are operated from the wireless controller which can be mounted on bicycle’s handle.
  • Turn signal and automatic brake light.
  • The lights are USB Rechargeable.
  • IP65 waterproof standard.

Zakpro Stellar Series LED Helmet - White Product Overview

Zakpro smart turn signal helmets – Dual series have Stripe LED Turn Signal Indicators, located on the back and front of the helmet which are controlled by a wireless remote. The wireless remote controller is mounted on the bycycle handle featuring four functions – i) Double Flashing ii) Turn Left iii) Turn Right and iv) braking. These features help in warning the public thereby relieving the rider from any inconvenience or traffic safety issues caused by gesturing or looking back.

Inmold construction: A thin piece of plastic is placed in a mold, and conforms to the surface. Beads of polystyrene are then added to the mold, it is bolted together and then injected with steam under pressure. The steam expands the polystyrene beads, forming them into the shape of the mold, essentially making a completed helmet. The plastic piece was heated by the steam too, and it conforms very tightly to the expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam. It not only adheres to the foam, but leaves no gaps, filling every available bit of space with foam. You can feel this with your thumb, finding no “beer can effect” when the helmet is molded in the shell.This process produces helmet with superior strength. This process can produce a helmet with superior strength. The fusing of the EPS and plastic shell gives the helmet great resistance to cracking from an external blow making it a safe helmet for the riders.

LED strips: There are 4 strips of LED lights located two each on front and rear end of the helmets. These lights are operated from the wireless controller which can be mounted on bicycle’s handle. This will help the riders to choose from functions like left turn, right turn or go straight. This feature really helps especially between 6PM – 6AM where the environmental brightness will be very low and riders cannot be noticed when they are cycling in the roads. This feature makes the riding very safe and ensures rider’s safety.

Wireless remote controller – This can be easily mounted on bicycle’s handle and can be operated by the rider at ease. The size is also small measuring to 41mm * 50mm and easy to install and doesn’t look heavy on the handle. This holds Up to IP65 standards and professionally tested to solve the problem of cycling in rainy days.

Other features: In mould construction which makes the helmets durable even during tough impacts. Durable battery with 9h of operation to support whole day of fun. Don’t have to worry about Rains!! Helmets and remote are subject to IP65 waterproof standards. Cool comfort pad lining in the inner surface of the helmets to keep you head comfort and cool. 21 number of vents for ventilation. The weight of the helmet is just 275 g.

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