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Cateye Sync Kinetic

Cateye Lights
Cateye Sync Kinetic

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  • Price: ₹3,990
  • Free Shipping Available for this product.*
  • RED LED x 5
  • 6 Modes - High, Low, Flashing, Rapid, Group Ride, Daytime HyperFlash
  • Recharge Time - 2.5 Hours
  • Can be operated from Cateye Sync App

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Cateye Sync Kinetic Product Overview


About Cateye Sync Kinetic


CatEye, a Japanese brand established in 1954, is globally renowned for its extensive range of premium accessories such as cycle computers, lights, bottle cages and more.


Lights are an integral accessory for cyclists, they enable them to see and more importantly, be seen. The Sync Kinetic from CatEye is a powerful rear light with unique features! The CatEyeSYNC systems provide a one touch control, so you can turn one light on and have all your CatEyeSYNC lights come on. CatEye SYNC devices use wireless technology which enables the synchronization of all lights to operate as one. With this you can check battery levels, customize modes, set brake mode and synchronize flash pattern preferences using just your smartphone!


The CatEye SYNC Kinetic is equipped with a built-in acceleration sensor and, on kinetic mode, it automatically turns on with 50 lumen brightness when deceleration is detected. However, activation of the kinetic mode depends on the degree of deceleration, the light may not react or the reaction may be delayed.

This light is equipped with a lithium-ion polymer battery, that can be recharged with a USB cable. This light has 6 modes, and a mode memory function. With one charge cycle, the battery lasts for 1.5 hours, when used on high (40 lumens), 15 hours on low (5 lumens), 50 hours on flashing (30 lumens), 20 hours on rapid (50 lumens), 15 hours on group ride (40 lumens) and 30 hours on Daytime HyperFlash (50 lumens). However, when the Kinetic mode is enabled 60 times per hour the battery lasts for 1.4 hours on high (40 lumens), 6 hours on low (5 lumens), 7 hours on flash (30 lumens), 6 hours on rapid (50 lumens), 6 hours on group ride (40 lumens) and 7 hours on daytime HyperFlash (50 lumens). The battery takes 2.5 hours to recharge.


The CatEye SYNC Kinetic is super compact and portable, enabling ease of usage for those who are constantly on the go! This is an ideal rear light for commuters and athletes training in the wee hours of the day/ later evening – this light is powerful allowing you to be seen from a distance. Additionally, the group-ride mode is eye-friendly to other people who may be cycling behind you (especially handy, if you train with a group). The light is ultra-lightweight weighing a mere 43g, including the battery.


The CatEye SYNC has a rubber strap mount, which allows it to be easily mounted onto the bicycle’s seatpost. Remember, the smartphone CatEyeSYNC app is required to pair the lights. So be sure to check if your smartphone model is compatible. Furthermore, you will need a PC or Mac with internet connection to update the firmware of the CatEyeSYNC light.


With the CatEye SYNC App you can synchronize all SYNC lights, control all synced lights with one touch, get the connection status of all synced lights, pair up to 7 lights, customize the light modes, view the battery level of all synced lights and more!

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Cateye: Brand Warranty Details


CatEye products are warranted to be free of defects from materials and workmanship for a period of two years from the date of the original purchase. If the product fails to work due to normal use.

The sales receipt or a completed warranty certificate (located in your product manual) is required to complete any warranty related claim. If the receipt cannot be provided, and the product was purchased locally, please instruct the retailer where the product was purchased to contact us to submit the claim on your behalf.

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