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Scott Sub Speed 40 -(2015) : ChooseMyBicycle.com Expert Review

Price: 40,300
Hybrid Bicycle Hybrid Bicycle
Scott Sub Speed 40 -(2015) Review


Technical Specifications

Scott Sub Speed 40 -(2015) : ChooseMyBicycle.com Expert Review

Scott Sub Speed 40 -(2015) Review

Scott's hybrid series of bicycles have been always performance oriented. The Sub series have been catering to riders who want to ride longer distances as well with the same bicycle they use for urban rides. We got the oppurtunity to test ride the Scott Sub Speed 40 2015 and here is what we thought.

Scott Sub Speed 40 -(2015) : ChooseMyBicycle.com Expert Review Comfortable ride, with a classy vintage look, this bike will make getting around town easy and enjoyable.
Overall Product
Value for Money

Things We Like

  • The Bike calls for low maintenance with the inner cables covered by the outer cables through the length.
  • The shifters are precise and handling is really responsive, offering a smooth but agile ride quality.

Things We Don't Like

  • While the bike does come with built in fenders, and double butted 6061 Alloy frame and a thick stem to provide sturdiness however this does increase the overall weight of the bike.
  • The color and style is a 50/50 depending on your preference towa
Scott Sub Speed 40 -(2015) Frame, Fit and Comfort

The Scott Sub-Speed 40 has Double Butted 6061 Alloy which ensure a robust frame and an overall well-built feeling. At first view the stem seems wide but soon after riding we realize this doesn't hinder the fit or comfort in any way. The Syncros Urban X, VL-4234 saddle was optimal for a much bumpier urban trail and cradled a more comfortable ride. Though an urban rider is expected to have a tool kit handy, quick release on the seat post would have made adjustments easier. The frame with fenders was an instant hit among the female population who had a look at the bike. In the end, the bike has an overall comfortable ride.

Scott Sub Speed 40 -(2015) Frame, Fit and Comfort Robust and well-built frame
Scott Sub Speed 40 -(2015) Shifters and Shifting

For a premium city bike like the sub speed 40 you are looking at a durable, and responsive shifter. And that is what is exactly the Shimano ST-EF 51A L / 8R EZ-fire plus offers in this one. With seamless changing across terrain and turfs, the Shimano allowed one to pick up bursts of speed over short distances without lifting off the saddle. Shimano for a long time have produced indestructible drive train components (Chain rings and cogs) to give you the required smooth shifting for your city rides.

Scott Sub Speed 40 -(2015) Shifters and Shifting Precise shifting
Scott Sub Speed 40 -(2015) Brakes and Steering

The brake levers are Shimano ST-EF 51A but the brakes themselves are Scott Comp V-brakes. While they are not high end disk brakes, the rim brakes would suffice as the bike will not be reaching speeds of a road bike. While the brake shoe seemed a little harder, slowing down the braking, at optimum speeds the brakes performed just as well. Syncros UC3.0, 620mm, 15ç bend , handle bar took a few minutes to get accustomed to but soon you realize that this riding position with the handle bar aids for a super responsive , crisp and almost immediate steering. This comes in handy while riding in an urban setting. The grips on the bars however were thinned out, and could have been molded ergonomically given the price of the bike.

Scott Sub Speed 40 -(2015) Brakes and Steering Responsive handling
Scott Sub Speed 40 -(2015) Ride Quality

While the preference of style and the color combinations may differ from person to person, the agreement on the ride quality of the Sub Speed 40 was in unison. The bike was excellent to ride through the city streets for commute/leisure purposes. The exceptional shifting, comfortable ride position and sturdy frame made for a happy rider. Sub Speed 40 doesn't have too much of a strain on the back and you could take it for longer rides, just make sure to remove the fenders as they might weigh you down.

Scott Sub Speed 40 -(2015) Ride Quality Smooth and agile ride quality

The Scott Sub speed 40 bike, is one effortless, sturdy ride for daily urban performance and practicality. With most of the inner cables being covered, this bike is low on maintenance and would hold well against everyday use. The fenders make for a Vintage bike look, as well as protects you against wet terrains. In a nutshell if the aesthetics and colour (which isnŠ—Èt for all) pleases you the ride quality will make a smooth transition into your way to the store to pick up one for yourself.

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