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  • Cosmic Flash 26 21 Speed (2015): Expert Review

  • 8 DECEMBER 2016
Flash 26 - 21 Speed (2015)
₹ 24000

An affordable entry level hardtail MTB with great components and performance

Cosmic has become a popular name when it comes to an Indian company that manufactures well-priced MTBs. Their bicycles boast great performance, which compete with their foreign counterparts available here. I got a chance to review the Cosmic Flash, and here are my thoughts.


Model: Flash 26 - 21 Speedξ


Year: 2015

Price: INR 24,000

Frame, Fit and Comfort

The Cosmic Flash is made using a 6061 alloy frame. It is essential for MTBs that the frame is sturdy and light weight, and this is exactly what the alloy 6061 frame is. Cosmic has done a spectacular job when it comes to the geometry of this bicycle.ξThe riding position on this bicycle is slight aggressive, but comfortable. The top tube is slightly longer, making the rider bend forward a bit while on the saddle, however this doesn't affect comfort or performance.

The cycle has a Zoom front suspension fork with 60mm travel. When tested on unpaved roads and bumps, it was smooth. The suspension will ensure a smooth ride on moderate trails and bumpy roads.


When it comes to designing eye-catching, aesthetically pleasing bicycles, Cosmic has got it right. Their cycles, though not flashy, are well designed and are sure to grab one's attention.

The Cosmic Flash comes in four colour variants Š—– Black and Green, Black and Red, White and Blue and, White and Orange.


The Cosmic Flash comes equipped with Shimano TZ-30 Front and Rear derailleurs. The shifting is controlled by Shimano EZ-51, 21 speed shifters.

The performance of the shifters is commendable. While on the test ride, the shifting was smooth with no hint of lagging. The thumb-shifters are well placed and smooth, and ensure easy shifting.

Brakes and Steering

The Cosmic Flash comes equipped with 160mm mechanical front and rear disc brakes, controlled by Shimano EZ51 brake levers. The braking mechanism was found to be extremely responsive, a light press of the levers did the job. The braking is sure to perform well in wet conditions too, with minimum skidding.

The handlebar on this cycle is wide, and ensures that the rider has proper control of the cycle - even on trails and rough surfaces. The grips that come on the handlebar are comfortable and well-placed.

Ride Quality

The Cosmic Flash comes equipped with 26Š— wheels fitted on to double alloy 36 hub rims. The tires are on the bulky side, but are strong and roll well on rough surfaces and smooth surfaces like paved roads. The treading on the tires are pronounced and big Š—– ensuring a worry free ride on trails. The treading will also ensure that the tires maintain their traction on wet surfaces. ξ

The saddle on the Cosmic Flash is ergonomically designed to ensure a comfortable ride. When tested on an hour long ride, there was little room for complaints. However, on rides longer than an hour to hour and a half, it could get slightly uncomfortable and hard.

Overall Rating
Value for Money
  • Comfortable, long handlebar
  • Well-designed
  • Great traction on
  • Hard saddle, uncomfortable on long rides

If you are someone looking for a well-performing, well-price MTB to use on moderate trails as well as on paved roads, the Cosmic Flash should be a definite contender on your list.


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