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Bike Ark Jaz Customer Reviews

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CMB Expert Review

3.9 out of 5
Value for Money
Bike Ark is an Indian bicycle brand which was launched few years back. From their initial fixed gear bicycles this brand added geared hybrid bicycles in their 2018 range. Stylish design and colours has always been the core for all models from Bike A...
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4.0 Out of 5 Average Customer Rating
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bhaskar debnath 4.0

I ride this cycle daily to my office which is 3 km from my home. Occasionally I take it on long rides(25 to 40km...may be not so long ride!😁). It has comfortable sadle, powerful brakes, gears are efficient (though they tend to misalign now and t...

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akshat verma 4.0

After riding 400km, I can say the bike is very good. The team at bikeark has successfully achieved making a bike that is inexpensive yet well designed and built. Individual parts that are used here are same as those used in some relatively more e...

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