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Challenge Latex Tube 700x30/38C - 48mm Presta Valve

Challenge Tires & Tubes
Challenge Latex Tube 700x30/38C - 48mm Presta Valve

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  • MRP: ₹990
  • Price: ₹663
  • Discount: Save 33%

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  • Credit Card EMI , with rates as low as ₹31 per month available. View
  • Shipping Charges ₹50
  • Series: Latex Tube
  • Use: Clincher Tyres
  • Valve: Presta Removal core
  • Valve Length: 48mm
  • Weight: 75gm
  • Valve Type: Presta
  • Wheel Size: 700c(622)
  • Commuter: Yes
  • Touring: Yes
  • Road: Yes
  • Size: 30c-38c

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Challenge Latex Tube 700x30/38C - 48mm Presta Valve Product Overview


About Challenge Latex Tube 700x30/38C - 48mm Presta Valve

Latex inner tubes are far more supple than normal butyl tubes. They adapt quickly to the tire changing shape while cornering and rolling. The unique Challenge seamless latex inner tube saves more than 3 watts per wheel over a butyl inner tube according to German, Finnish, Belgian, Dutch, UK and American testing.

Challenge produces the only seamless 'one-piece' latex inner tubes on the market providing a smooth, balanced ride with no pucker or bump like those found on other tubes. Latex tubes are lighter, thinner and more flexible than a butyl tube, increasing your comfort, lowering your rolling resistance, and helping to prevent flats. The tube also includes a removable core Presta valve making them compatible with both inline and external valve extenders.


  • The only Seamless ‘one-piece’ latex inner tube on the market
  • Seamless & smooth, no bumps at the valve
  • No “out of round, unbalanced” wheel
  • Improves rolling resistance and comfort
  • Strong and extremely elastic, thus very reliable
  • Improves resistance to punctures
  • Is lighter weight than standard butyl and some superlight butyl tubes
  • Has a two-piece removable valve core for valve extender use
  • By far the cheapest way of improving the performance and overall feel of your bike!

    Lighter, softer, more supple

    The lighter, softer, more supple tube reduces rolling resistance and improves comfort, traction and cornering. This is because latex extends and expands 7 to 8 times its original size, whereas butyl only about 1.5 times, which means latex is much, much more flexible, guaranteeing more speed, improving rolling resistance and comfort than a standard butyl tube. Latex inner tubes also weigh less than standard butyl tubes so can help save weight.

    Puncture Protection System (PPS)

    Latex tubes also increase puncture protection as the latex stretches and deforms around the body which is trying to penetrate the tube instead of, like the stiffer butyl, trying to resist the body and shortly after, being punctured through with a big blow.

    The highly elastic latex material is extremely more difficult to puncture and in the unlikely case that it is, the air will anyhow come out very slowly, because the elastic latex, punctured at that point, will move slightly and still stick and conform to the object so not leaving a big tear and gaping hole. The slight leaking of air in that point means that if you are riding and have no spare, you may still be able to ride most of the way back while it very, very slowly looses air, but you won’t be stranded somewhere out there with a sudden flat!

    Warnings and suggestions for optimal use

    Latex is more porous and gas permeable meaning that a tire with a latex tube should be checked before every ride, to make sure that it has retained your desired pressure. Installation of a latex tube can be tricky for the inexperienced hand. It can be more prone to pinch flats if not installed properly. The suppleness of latex means it can find its way into the smallest of cracks and holes and push itself in between and pinch. Latex is also somewhat sticky, which is why it comes with a coating of talcum powder to help it slide. In case the talcum came off and you found that the inner tube were sticky, you could add a little coating of talcum powder to eliminate this stickiness.

    1. Are there any delivery charges?


    For all Accessories over ₹1,000 there are no delivery charges. For Accessories under ₹1,000 there is a nominal ₹50 delivery charge.

    2. I want to buy an accessory, but I am not able to make my decision on which one to buy.


    Do not worry, we have our dedicated chat support with bicycle experts on our website available to help you make the perfect choice with your accessory.

    3. Do these accessory come with warranty?


    All the accessories we sell come with a standard brand warranty. Contact us through the chat support on our website to know more warranty related details for specific products.

    4. Do you have a Cash on Delivery facility?


    We do not have the option of Cash on Delivery.

    5. How long will it take for me to receive an accessory?


    The delivery time for every accessory differs according to the location. Once the shipment is dispatched we will send you a personalized tracking link for you to track your package.

    6. What if I receive a damaged product?


    If in the unfortunate circumstance that the product you receive is damaged, contact us via [email protected] or through our chat option on the website. We will assure free returns in case of defects after checking necessary proof of the damage.

    7. What if the product does not fit me?

    View does not accept returns in the case of the product not fitting you. We urge you to check the size guide to help you select the right size before purchasing the product.

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    Yes, only sells Bicycles from Brands which have certified us to sell their products online

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    24 Months
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    • Total: ₹756.49

    Frequently Asked Questions offers Credit Card EMI options from multiple banks such as Citi Bank, American Express, HDFC, Axis Bank, ICICI, Kotak, Indusind, Yes Bank, State Bank of India, HSBC, RBL, Standard Chartered Bank and Bank of Baroda.

    The list of available Credit Cards for EMI are displayed along with the different tenures, interest rates and monthly EMI to be paid.

    Initially your bank will block the entire amount from your available purchase limit and from your next billing cycle, you will be charged the EMI amount. As you start paying your EMI, your credit limit will be released accordingly. For example, if you have made a purchase of ₹24,000 on 3-months EMI and your credit limit is ₹50,000 then initially your bank will block your credit limit by ₹24,000. After payment of your first month EMI of Rs.8,000, the blocked amount will come down to ₹16,000.

    The interest rates vary from Bank to Bank as well as for the tenure chosen. To view the interest rates, click on the Bank Name based on the Credit Card you have and you will be able to see the interest rate per tenure along with the monthly EMI payout.

    Debit Card EMI is available from HDFC Bank.

    Debit EMI is a new EMI method using which you can avail EMI on your Debit card(valid only for HDFC Bank). You don't need to have the entire amount in your account at the time of transaction and bank will not block any amount on your card. The Bank uses a pre-approved overdraft facility and bank will deduct the EMI amount every month from your account.

    You can check loan eligibility on HDFC Bank Debit Card by sending an SMS 'MYHDFC' to 5676712.

    CMB does not have No Cost EMI option. Interest rates as per Bank are mentioned above.

    On the Payment Page, you will have to select EMI as mode of payment and you can select the tenure for the EMI Payment.

    CMB as an entity offers EMI for the purchase of the Accessory only through a Credit Card or Debit Card from the Banks mentioned above.

    If you do not hold a Credit Card or Debit Card from the Banks mentioned above you will not be eligible for an EMI through any other means.

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